Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lisa's OSL bucket list

From the SurveyMonkey thing:

What would you learn/accomplish in Open Source Learning if you had more time?

  • continue refining theory of consciousnes
  • continue refining theses of empathy
  • read more (or all???) of Shakespeare's plays
  • write about theory of consciousness in reference to characters in Shakespare and other literature
  • write a crapton more about the Alignment System because I'm STILL obsessed (guess where I'm starting?? SHAKESPEARE)
  • learn about classic and modern theories of psychology (and history thereof [Freud, Jung, etc]) and compare to my own discoveries/"made-up" theories, to put it derogatorily
  • learn more code
  • learn more Japanese and/or Spanish and/or ???
  • learn to play piano
  • ooh, and maybe guitar
  • annihilate everyone on the Internet who has bad spelling/grammar *cough* I mean nicely point them towards quality OSL English resources
  • create/curate resources for students with illnesses, disabilities, etc., who have difficulty in "regular" school like I've had
  • use the Internet, etc. to connect people with obscure/enigmatic illnesses (like myself) with experts and specialists that can help them
  • ...and just generally use whatever resources available to me to increase personal and universal happiness, wellness, and wisdom in whatever way I can :)

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