Thursday, October 10, 2013


Before the midterm, instead of studying vocabulary, I decided to spend (sell?) my time studying for my SAT Subject Tests on Saturday. Y'know. 'Cause it's like, my future. And stuff. Luckily, I'm generally pretty good at vocab, and writing stories for every vocab list prepared me very well for the test, even if I didn't do any cramming the night before.

However, I thought the midterm was going to be entirely a vocab test, so I was really mad when I saw the Chaucer essay prompt on the board. I was absent the day that each group presented their tales to the class, so the only tales I was familiar with were the Prologue and the Cook's Tale (not very good preparation AT ALL). When I saw the two questions, I thought to myself it's not like I could write a good essay anyway, so I might as well devote extra time to racking up points on the vocab section and then BS a paragraph about Chaucer in the last 10 minutes. Aaaaand that's basically what I did. I haven't seen my score yet, so I'm not all that sure how well my strategy worked out for me. If I knew that Chaucer was going to be on the midterm, I would have read several of my classmates' Tales of Canterbury Tales to make up for missing the aforementioned day in class.

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