Monday, October 14, 2013


I think it makes sense. Reading fiction is like listening to someone else's thoughts (depending on the POV) so we can empathize with the narrator, which would logically allow us to empathize with others in real life.

I actually clicked the link at the bottom of the article to take the “Reading the Mind in the Eyes” test. It was difficult; half the expressions looked like they were just kind of staring off into nothing. I did pretty well, though-- I got 29 out of 36 of the expressions right. I was expecting to be given a passage to read before the test, but there wasn't anything. However, after the test there were several questions about demographics and reading preferences (or lack thereof). I've done a few online psychology tests like that before (for example, the uber-detailed sorting hat test and a ton of different ones at I think they're cool because it's interesting to learn about myself, and plus I get to help the studies at the same time.

I tend to empathize with characters rather quickly-- I'm the type that immediately says "Don't listen to them, Ophelia! Follow your heart!" Even this three minute youtube video made me genuinely sad for the characters. I just watched it again... so tragic...!

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