Monday, October 14, 2013


Here's Vocabulary #7, because I know that if I don't do this assignment I won't remember the words ^^;

(I actually already looked up all these words using Random Absence Mentoring's vocab page awhile ago, so I'm not going to do my usual guessing thing this week. Anyway, all definitions are either copied or paraphrased from

01) shenanigans mischeif, tricks, antics, etc.
02) ricochet to rebound off of something
03) schism division, disunion, split, etc. into mutually opposed parties
04) eschew to avoid, shun, or keep away from
05) plethora overabundance or excess
06) ebullient overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, or excitement; high-spirited; bubbling up like a boiling liquid
07) garrulous excessively talkative; rambling; wordy; see also LOQUACIOUS
08) harangue long or intense verbal attack; vehement speech; pompous or didactic speech or writing
09) interdependence mutually reliant on one another
10) capricious erratic; prone to sudden, unpredictable change
11) loquacious talkative; chattering; see also GARRULOUS
12) ephemeral short-lived; transitory
13) inchoate not yet completed or fully developed; just begun; unorganized
14) juxtapose to place contrasting things side by side
15) perspicacious having keen mental perception and understanding; discerning
16) codswallop nonsense or rubbish
17) mungo noun version of shoddy
18) sesquipedalian describes a word with many syllables, or a person who likes using words with many syllables
19) wonky I've always heard the word wonky used to mean funky or weird, but says it means unsteady, unreliable, stupid, boring, or unattractive. IDK, that definition's wonky.
20) diphthong a blended vowel

"Yo, that demon codswallop was just wonky," Ice King laughed uneasily.

"Heh heh..." agreed Abracadaniel, less than ebulliently.

"Craaaaazy mungo," continued Ice King. "I mean, what kind of dipthong keeps a demon sword in their basement? That's so not math."

"Uh, yeah, no, not math at all," affirmed Abracadaniel uncomfortably.

"Ol' Finn and Jake just have a plethora of inchoate accidents waiting to happen. I mean, I tried to warn them it was only a matter of time before their shenanigans got them into trouble, but no, they just harangued at me something about 'get out of our house, Ice King.' Pthththth! I mean, who does that?" he scoffed.

"You're certainly, uh, garrulous today... y'know... loquacious?" commented Abracadaniel.

"Aw, come on man, don't be sesquipedalian! Anyway, I just hope they don't eschew me now. They always were capricious-- maybe they'll be so mad that Ice King was right for once that it'll create a schism in our friendship! My perspicacious advice will ricochet and stab me in the back!"

"Don't worry, I'm sure it'll be ephemeral..." Abracadaniel reassured him half-heartedly.

"Yeah, you're right. Me and Finn and Jake are best bros forever! We have that interdependence that no one can break, no matter what demon tries to juxtapose himself between us!" declared Ice King.

"Uh, hey... uh... is... is this the Ice Kingdom?" stuttered Abracadaniel, looking up incredulously. "Because--"

"Because what? Er-- aw!" Ice King finally noticed the giant penguin-shaped mountains. "GUNTER!!"


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