Thursday, February 13, 2014


Yup. The Nose.

1. What does Ivan Yakovlevich do for a living?

He's a barber! (on a side note, Kovaloff's valet is also named Ivan. That had to have been intentional...?)

2. What does Ivan find in a loaf of bread?

A nose! *gasp*

3. How does his wife respond to Ivan's discovery?

She's all like, "You drunkard!" (not sure how that's relevant but according to our oh-so-reliable narrator, it's true)

4. What does Ivan set out to accomplish?

He wants to get rid of that stupid nose!

5. When Ivan tosses the "package" in the river, for a brief moment he is happy; then he is arrested. What does this scene suggest about the role of happiness in Ivan's life/community/society?

Happiness is fragile, and subject to the arbitrary will of authorities (in this case, the policeman)

6. Where does the title object belong, and how does it finally get there?

on Kovaloff's face
it just magically fixes itself back on one morning
y'know, 'cause that makes so much sense

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