Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lit Terms 5

The penultimate lit terms list!

All definitions are from the lit terms pdf (which I actually still have on my computer from the summer before English 3).

01) parallelism def: the principle in sentence structure that states elements of equal function should have equal form
ex: "Veni, vidi, vici." ("I came, I saw, I conquered.")
02) parody def: an imitation of mimicking of a composition or of the style of a well-known artist
ex: Dragon Ball Z Abridged by Team Four Star
03) pathos def: the ability in literature to call forth feelings of pity, compassion, and/or sadness
ex: in his State of the Union speech, Obama used tons of pathos by telling the stories of several special guests, including a high school senior, a hardworking but recently unemployed mother, and a disabled veteran (whose standing ovation lasted like five minutes, it was ridiculous)
04) pedantry def: a display of learning for its own sake
ex: yes this is a link to xkcd
05) personification def: a figure of speech attributing human qualities to inanimate objects or abstract ideas
ex: the wind whispers through the air
06) plot def: "a plan or scheme to accomplish a purpose" <--got that straight from the pdf, but I don't know what's up with that definition... here's a better one from Wiktionary: "the course of a story, comprising a series of incidents which are gradually unfolded, sometimes by unexpected means."
ex: I don't even
07) poignant def: eliciting sorrow or sentiment
ex: the end of Romeo & Juliet when everyone dies
08) point of view def: the attitude unifying any oral or written argumentation; in description, the physical point from which the observer views what he is describing
ex: politicians' speeches often have a predictable point of view based on their party affiliation
09) postmodernism def: literature characterized by experimentation, irony, nontraditional forms, multiple meanings, playfulness and a blurred boundary between real and imaginary
ex: Catch-22
10) prose def: the ordinary form of spoken and written language; language that does not have a regular rhyme pattern
ex: how about this entire page, except for the example for scansion
11) protagonist def: the central character in a work of fiction; opposes antagonist
ex: Goku!
12) pun def: play on words; the humorous use of a word emphasizing different meanings or applications
ex: I wanted to tell you a chemistry joke but they all argon.
13) purpose def: the intended result wished by an author
ex: the purpose of Catch-22 is to show that the way the bureaucracy runs the war is stupid
14) realism def: writing about the ordinary aspects of life in a straightforward manner to reflect life as it actually is
ex: Mark Twain
15) refrain def: a phrase or verse recurring at intervals in a poem or song; chorus
ex: hey I just met you and this is crazy
16) requiem def: any chant, dirge, hymn, or musical service for the dead
ex: Requiem of Spirit anyone?
17) resolution def: point in a literary work at which the chief dramatic complication is worked out; denouement
ex: in Romeo & Juliet, the resolution is after both title characters' deaths when Lords Capulet and Montague each promise to build a statue honoring the other's child
18) restatement def: idea repeated for emphasis
19) rhetoric def: use of language, both written and verbal in order to persuade
ex: see above example for pathos
20) rhetorical question def: question suggesting its own answer or not requiring an answer; used in argument or persuasion
ex: Did you really think I wouldn't take this opportunity to go totally meta on this lit term?
21) rising action def: plot build-up, caused by conflict and complications, advancement towards climax
ex: in Romeo & Juliet, I'd say the rising action includes all of Acts 2-4, plus the first two scenes in Act 5
22) romanticism def: movement in western culture beginning in the eighteenth and peaking in the nineteenth century as a revolt against [Neo-] Classicism; imagination was valued over reason and fact
ex: Charles Dickens
23) satire def: ridicules or condemns the weakness and wrongdoings of individuals, groups, institutions, or humanity in general
ex: and another one
24) scansion def: the analysis of verse in terms of meter
ex: but SOFT what LIGHT through YONder WINdow BREAKS
25) setting def: the time and place in which events in a short story, novel, play, or narrative poem occur
ex: the setting of Romeo & Juliet is 14th century Italy

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