Friday, August 16, 2013

My attempt at Fiddleoak-esque

I learned how to image edit in 8th grade, and it's actually come in handy many times. Considering how much of a presence we have on the Internet, being able to turn a bad photo into a good photo is super-helpful. Usually I just do beautification/"natural" image editing to make a photo look better, preferably without anyone knowing it's been edited. Recently I've gotten into more artistic effects, like the glitch-art-style edit I did to my profile picture here.

When I saw Dr. Preston's post about Fiddleoak, I was very interested because of my own experience in image editing. I was amazed and intrigued by his work, and by Fiddleoak himself-- here's a guy about as young as I was when I started image editing, and already his skills are far beyond what I'll probably ever achieve in my lifetime. I was excited at Dr. Preston's suggestion of someone contacting him to open a discussion with us online, but I've never actually tried digital compositing, which I believe is the technical term for what Fiddleoak does (although I could be wrong). I know that often when you try something for the first time, you run into problems that you never would have thought of beforehand; that's why I wanted to at least try it once, even if it turned out horribly.

Fiddleoak makes sets to photograph specifically for his composites; however, I'm lazy so I used photos I already had. I got a picture of myself from Prom two years ago...

...and composited it into my blog background to come up with this!

Of course, it's not as good as Fiddleoak's photos, but I think it's pretty darn decent, which is what I was going for. Plus, I had fun! ^_^

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