Monday, August 19, 2013


All right, first vocabulary list of the year. To make things more interesting, instead of writing all the vocabulary words in disjointed sentences, I wrote a story about Adventure Time :D

I counted the number of words that I thought I knew already, and it turned out to be exactly 50%! The words that I already knew I marked with asterisks and guessed at the definitions. The definitions I guessed right are in italics, and the ones I got wrong are crossed out. All other definitions are either copied or paraphrased from

01) adumbrate to outline, foreshadow, or obscure
02) apotheosis the elevation of a person to the rank of god; epitome
03) ascetic* self-denying of pleasure or luxury
04) bauble* a small trinket
05) beguile* stare at thoughtfully to mislead, cheat, or charm; to pass time pleasantly
06) burgeon* to grow; to sprout
07) complement* to complete or perfect
08) contumacious stubbornly perverse, rebellious, or disobedient
09) curmudgeon a bad-tempered, difficult, cantankerous person
10) didactic* teacher-like, instructive, or teaching a moral lesson
11) disingenuous insincere
12) exculpate to clear from guilt or blame
13) faux pas* something socially unacceptable; a slip in manners
14) fulminate to explode or cause to explode; to denounce
15) fustian a strong but cheap fabric; inflated or pretentious language in writing or speaking
16) hauteur arrogance; haughty manner or spirit
17) inhibit* to restrain or forbid
18) jeremiad* a sermon about the end of the world a prolonged lamentation or mornful complaint, often about the state of society and/or its imminent downfall
19) opportunist* someone who waits until the best possible time to do something; someone who focuses on efficiency regardless of ethical principles
20) unconscionable not guided by conscience or morals

What time is it? Story Time! ('s a reference. Actually this whole thing is a reference. Y'know.)

Deep in his castle, the Earl of Lemongrab adumbrated his plan to take over the Candy Kingdom. Castle Lemongrab's burgeoning population ensured that there was no food for the Lemons; their lives were ascetic and sad. Castle Lemongrab had no baubles to complement the sour grandeur of its architecture, nor to assist the Earl of Lemongrab's apotheosis.

"Come, my Lemon Children!" screamed the Earl of Lemongrab. "I shall not give you another jeremiad on the foodless state of Castle Lemongrab! For we are opportunists; the time is come to steal the Candy Kingdom's candy! We are unconscionable; the shackles of morals do not inhibit Lemons! We are contumacious; we shall storm the Candy Kingdom, and beguile Princess Bubblegum out of her candy!"

The Lemon Children screamed in agreement at the Earl's didactic speech, and hung onto every word of his fustian. Only one Lemon Child saw his words as disingenuous and false: little Lemonhope, watching quietly from the back of the room. He knew that stealing was a faux pas in the Candy Kingdom, and if the Lemons committed this crime, nothing could exculpate them. Princess Bubblegum would fulminate the Earl's hauteur and wickedness, and all the Lemon Children too, for they were all the same. But not Lemonhope. He was different. He was not a curmudgeon like the others. He was the Hope of the Lemons.

......yeah. I just wrote that :)

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