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Well, if you liked my Adventure Time vocabulary story last week, you're in luck, because I made a sequel!

(The words that I already knew I marked with asterisks and guessed at the definitions. The definitions I guessed right are in italics, and the ones I got wrong are crossed out. All other definitions are either copied or paraphrased from Dictionary.com.)

01) accoutrements personal clothing, accessories, etc.; the equipment, excluding weapons and clothing, of a soldier.
02) apogee* the point highest/farthest from Earth in orbit; highest point or climax
03) apropos fitting; opportune; opportunely (both adverb and adjective)
04) bicker* to fight over something trivial
05) coalesce to grow together, unite, or blend
06) contretemps an inopportune occurence; an embarassing mischance
07) convolution* complication or confusion a rolled up or coiled condition
08) cull to choose; select; pick; collect
09) disparate* different; distinct
10) dogmatic* stubbornly adhering to principles or rules; asserting opinions in an arrogant or impractical manner
11) licentious lewd; unrestrained by laws or morals; disregarding rules
12) mete to distribute or dole (out)
13) noxious* toxic; harmful to health; corrupting
14) polemic a controversial argument; a person who argues in opposition to another; controversialist
15) populous* containing lots of people
16) probity integrity and uprightness; honesty
17) repartee a quick, witty reply; conversation full of such replies
18) supervene to take place or occur as something additional or extraneous
19) truncate* to end or cut short
20) unimpeachable above suspicion; impossible to discredit; impeccable

Story Time! Continued from last week :D

"Yes, Lemon Children!" screamed Lemongrab. "We are through with pointless bickering with Princess Bubblegum! She will give no more repartees to our complaints of injustice! For tonight we attack the Candy Kingdom, too populous and full of candy for its own good!" The Lemon Children gave a harsh, dissonant cheer. They had no accoutrements for their upcoming battle; their noxious Lemon juice was all that was needed for the attack. Although Princess Bubblegum created Lemongrab as her successor (she couldn't cull an heir from the existing Candy People), the Candy Kingdom and the Earldom of Lemongrab remained disparate. What should be done about Lemongrab's relative poverty was a polemic between the two, and tonight's battle would be the apogee of their conflict.

But the Lemongrabs didn't know that Finn and Jake were just outside Castle Lemongrab, spying on them. For the Lemongrabs, discussing battle plans without checking the Lemongrounds for trespassers became a major contretemps.

"Oh no, Finn, this is bad!" whispered Jake, so the Lemons wouldn't hear him. "We have to go warn Bubblegum! C'mon!" With that, Jake turned into a giant horse and galloped with Finn all the way to the Candy Castle.

They burst in the door and Finn yelled, "P-Bubs! The Lemongrabs are gonna attack the Candy Kingdom! We have to stop them!"

Princess Bubblegum wasted no time asking questions, because Finn's probity and unimpeachable morals ensured that he was not lying. "Banana Guards!" she called. "I call on you now to protect the kingdom!" The Banana Guards had a dogmatic loyalty to their princess, so they instantly ran out to defend against the invasion. Finn and Jake were about to follow them, but Princess Bubblegum looked distraught, so they stayed behind.

"What am I going to do with the Lemongrabs?" Princess Bubblegum sighed, twisting her hair into a convolution of bubblegum. "I thought creating the Lemongrabs would be apropos, but I didn't know they would become so licentious and try to supervene on my authority. It would be so much easier if the Earldom of Lemongrab could coalesce into the Candy Kingdom... maybe I should just do as they say and mete out an allowance of candy to the Lemongrabs to keep them from attacking us."

"Don't worry, Princess, I have a plan!" Finn assured her. "All we have to do is--"

Suddenly, a deafening roar filled the air, truncating Finn's sentence. Could the Lemon Army have already reached the Candy Kingdom? Could the Banana Guards be losing? Could it be all over for Princess Bubblegum and our heroes? Stay tuned next week, when (vocabulary words permitting) the story continues!

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