Saturday, August 17, 2013

Subliminal messaging in the UC website!!


Thanks to Dr. Preston's post about the UC personal statement, I was like, "oh yeah huh, I'm gonna do that sometime, I wonder when the application window starts" (because I got an email saying that the Common App went live August 1st, but I didn't know about the UC app. It's live November 1st if you're interested). So I typed in the URL on the worksheet, got redirected to this page...

...and noticed some interesting "abstract" diagonal lines on the side. A few tweaks later...

...turns out it says "let there be light" on the side! If you tilt your screen back, you can see it better.

Whenever I actually find subliminal messages in stuff, I'm like "HA! I see through your ruse! You can't fool me, suckaa!!" and then I feel really good about myself until I realize that's like ONE TIME I figured it out VS. about 1,000 times that I didn't, and then I get all existential and go sit in the corner and think about my life.

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