Wednesday, September 25, 2013


There are supposed to be 29 characters besides the narrator, right? WELL, I numbered them all in my notes and I got 30. I'm so confused.

I'm surprised that Chaucer doesn't really introduce the second nun or the three priests at all.

I'm wondering about the "Wife of Bath" -- why did she have 5 husbands? What happened to them? Did she marry, change her mind, divorce, and repeat? Or did she do the Mrs. Peacock thing and marry each for their money, only to have them *mysteriously* die shorthly afterwards? Her story is the one I'm most interested in reading, to find out more about her.

Also (this will probably only display on Windows because I don't know the non-Windows equivalents of Cambria Math) what's up with this symbol in the Key & Peele video? (if it doesn't display, you can see it here)

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