Wednesday, September 25, 2013

That Netvibes thing I'm supposed to write a post about

Well, I made a Netvibes dashboard (I totally spelled that dashbored the first time-- can you tell I'm writing this after midnight??) but I didn't find it all that useful for me. The one thing I liked the most was the ability to embed other webpages within the dashboard, but it made the controls all derp. Like, in order to scroll down on the dashboard you have to make sure you're not mousing over any of the webpages 'cause then it scrolls that instead. Y'know. Besides, I'm actually already very systematic about keeping my stuff organized (an absolute necessity for someone with my attendance record)-- I've been dutifully keeping an assignment book since 7th grade, and over the years I've developed a rather elaborate system of symbols/codes for organizing it which I'll gladly explain to anyone but don't particularly want to type out. Y'know. Anyway, I'm linear, I like lists, but dashboards are cool if you're a dashboard-y person like that.

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