Wednesday, September 25, 2013


"Dude. How much of this crap do I need?" muttered Lisa, contemplating her fistful of small white pills. She hated taking the medicine, but knew her life would be much, much worse without it. Maybe that's why she hated it.

"Whatever," she concluded, pouring them back into their container and throwing the entire bottle into her bag. Looking up, she caught sight of herself in the mirror: blonde hair held back with a headband from a pale face (paler than usual, she noted) and hazel eyes, looking a little dead. Lisa sighed. Can I do this? she thought to herself. I can barely make it to class half the time, let alone keep up with everyone on this journey to who-knows-where. Should I just stay home...? She shook her head, trying to find her resolve. No, I've missed out on too much because of this. It can't keep ruining my life! In desperation, she grabbed a handful of coffee beans to eat raw, hiccuped once, and continued packing.

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