Saturday, September 7, 2013


When anyone asks me what colleges I'm considering, I always answer, "Davis, Berkeley, or maybe Stanford if I can scrounge up enough scholarship money." Not to blow myself up, but I think I have a decent chance of getting into Stanford if I applied, but Stanford's tuition is stupid expensive. I actually got to talk to a guy who goes to Stanford (literally walked up to a guy in a San Francisco coffee shop who had a Stanford Tree sticker on his laptop... proud of myself for that) and he said that the school actually gives a ton of financial aid to students every year. However, even with financial aid, Stanford is still reeeally expensive compared to Davis and Berkeley. Actually college is just expensive period. Therefore, scholarships are a good thing! The amount of scholarship money I earn will determine how much student loan debt I'll have to pay off, and may even influence my college choice. So, I intend to earn as much as I can.

About an hour ago I signed up for Fastweb, because the College Board scholarship search isn't all that great. At Fastweb, I found something called the Digital Innovation Scholarship, asking for "a 500 - word essay describing your personal experience with internet entrepreneurship, or the importance of new ideas in the digital realm. Topics could include user experience, visual design, or any other aspect of digital information you find interesting." I happen to know a lot about typography, so I'll write my essay about the importance of typography in websites, and specifically how the introduction of web fonts has changed the face of Internet typography. This will probably be one of my more interesting essay topics!

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