Thursday, September 26, 2013


[I'm writing in first person now, since that's what everyone else is doing and I'm easily influenced like that]

I looked in the mirror and did a final once-over. Favorite black t-shirt: check. Gladiator sandals: check. 90's cargo pants that I swear are making a comeback: check. Necklace of keys that would be really cool if they opened something: check, check, check, check, and check.

Preparations complete, I stepped into my shiny new Mazda Kiyora that I just downloaded off the Internet (in the magical world of imagination, anything is possible...!), checked to make sure my suitcase was in the back, flipped on some drum'n'bass, and started driving. I was meeting Daniel, Jake, Ashley, and Bianca (the hitchhiker that Ashley texted me about) at the Santa Barbara Zoo to begin our journey... to Lithuania! With a myriad of stops along the way, I knew it would be an amazing road trip-- I just hoped my illness wouldn't hold me back.

After about an hour of driving, I reached Santa Barbara. I got off the freeway a few exits early so I could take some surface streets-- just for the hell of it. I passed by Cottage Hospital with mixed emotions, thinking of pills, MRI machines, and the blood lab. My mood brightened considerably when I drove by Paseo Nuevo. Good times.

Finally, I reached the Santa Barbara Zoo. I decided to put on some G-Dragon to surprise Ashley. Her timing was impeccable: she arrived just as the song reached the chorus, the only part I knew.

"Geu saekkiboda naega motan ge mwoya... oops!" I laughed. "Pardon my Korean." Ashley smiled, but her hitchhiker Bianca looked unimpressed. Well, I thought to myself, this is gonna be interesting.


  1. "WELL, I thought to myself." lol. I came to stalk through your blog for awhile

  2. Oh, heh heh, it's a comma after the word "myself," except that the commas are reeeeeeally tiny in my font and look like periods :P and I will return your stalk Maddi

    dude, what if they changed "poke" on Facebook to "stalk"

    that would actually be strangely accurate O.O